Functions in Orchestrator Arguments Values

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I am currently developing an automation that generates some data and stores it in a file.

I currently use a string as IN argument that includes a function to create the file name each time the automtion is run:
“Downloaded Data-” & Date.Now.AddMonths(-1).ToString(“yyyy-MM”) & “.csv”

I need to change the filename, but i dont want to update the package in orchestrator, can i update the filename from the orchestrator trigger argument box:

I cant seem to find any information in the documentation:

Can someone please assist?


Hi @leandro.matos

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You won’t be able to pass function names from here.
You would have to update the package once.

Or else you can just give the Downloaded Data-2023-07.csv

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @adiijaiin !

Thanks for your support, but your answer does not solve my problem.

Maybe my scenario was not to clear as to what the real problem is.

I want to use the same process to be run from multiple triggers in orchestrator and i need to set the filenames to change according to the trigger.

I did find a workaround, i had to update the package with some replacements, but i can add some {{tags}} in the filename parameter and they get replaced in run time.

is not the ideal solution but works.

Thanks for your help!



If you want to run the bot on multiple machines and each machine should use different name then

make the downloaded data part only as argument and pass that different for each trigger

now your name in process will be in_Filename + Date.Now.AddMonths(-1).ToString("yyyy-MM") + ".csv"

so if you pass abc …then filename will be abc202307.csv


Thanks @Anil_G,

that was the original solution, i had a static part of the filename and a dynamic part that got concatenated in runtime with an Assign Activity.

What i needed to change was not the static part but the dynamic part, and that, as @adiijaiin stated, cannot be done from orchestrator :frowning:

i just have a replace activity that depending on the {{tag}} that appears in the IN argument replaces the value.


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