Master file name

whenever I download a package from orchestrator file name of the input file is changed.Could you please help me how to rectify it?

Hi @Cuberoot ,

Could you let us know what was the actual file name and what would be the file name after you have downloaded it from Orchestrator?

Maybe providing more details would help us to pinpoint the exact issue that is occurring.

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Actual file name - Site List
After downloading a package and extracting it file name change into -Site%20List

@Cuberoot ,

Could you check the post below which should be related to the same topic as yours :

Also, We have recommendations as well :

Hello @Cuberoot

As per the data that you have provided the unwanted data got added as there is a space in your project name. Try to create a project without space in the name, like Site_List. It will solve your issue.


I didn’t get this.Could you pls elaborate the solution?

@Cuberoot ,

As mentioned in the post, if there are filenames with spaces and it is uploaded to Orchestrator, the space would be converted to %20 as you would be receiving currently. This is an Expected Behaviour.

Could you let us know what you would be performing with the file ?

Maybe if a further processing is happening with the file, Then you could try renaming the file using Rename File Activity and then process with the normal filename that is required. You could replace %20 with a space.


Instead of the hardcoded value, you could use the file name variable.

Let us know if this doesn’t work.

I want username and city from the file

If the file name is correct and I want to run multiple times, it will throw.So in that case what should I do?