Issue with UiPath Studio

I am new and principiant with RPA, right now I am going through UiPath academy training to gain understanding and make practice following the examples. I followed step by step an exercise for Studio from UiPath Academy…I am still in learning phase, so during the exercise I cancelled steps, variables and properties different times…anyway at the end I dowloaded from UiPath Academy the solution/file of this exercise and I followed step by step everything in my process but at the end it did not work, even if it was exactly the same of the version that I downloaded…so, I deleted the flowchart, thinking that I had made some mistake and repeated step by step the exercise and it did not work…at this point I started completely a new process/new file and made again the exercise and at that point it worked…so my question is, why this happens? it is like my first tentative was corrupted even if the steps were correct…is it possible?

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–i hope we would have missed any of the activity, or the sequence or the variable passing/ declaration, something like that
i would be great if we can know the iissue that you were facing while doing those first three to four attempts

Cheers @Klod78

Here are the two zip files with the same process…on my machine “New Practiacl works” while “Practicalexercise” don’t, I compared them and they seem (14.0 KB) (706.4 KB)