Lesson 9 Practice 1, Issue with example images

Hi all, Im glad of joining the community and I want to help you showing one issue I found in training.

In Practice9 walthrough I felt in a misunderstanding looking the example done in partA, which is actually the one in partB.

Well I survived and it helped me to learn by researching but I found interesting to share it with you, just in case :wink:

Thank you for trainings! hugs!

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Hi , Welcome to uipath community forum

Great to hear that
Happy Automation

Hi Medina, May I know what is the issue with the Practice-9,PART-A? I am getting an error, saying the Excel was already in use when it try to write in the last step.

Suresh babu V

Hi Aditya, the issue was specified in the topic, its about example images for each part.
If you have a different issue I recommend you to search/open for the specific one you are addressing like this
BTW your issue normally happens when you open/modify the file you want to use in unnatended mode