What did I do wrong if code doesn't work second run?

Hello, Everybody!

First of all, I am a newbie of this community. So if anything isn’t right about this topic or question, please kindly warn me!

I have been studying UiPath Academy for nearly a month. I have little bit programming background, so it wasn’t that hard to understand. But I have a problem with second runs. When I run for the first time, it runs perfectly. Then I realize I have made small typos like web-link or name of the variable. After these corrections, the program that was running smoothly won’t run. Or sometimes I arrange everything at midnight, then test small part of it. It runs, but day after it wouldn’t.

What I have been doing wrong? What do you recommend to avoid these kind of situations?

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@yenisp - could you please share a workflow that you are facing trouble with? or could you explain what are you trying to automate?

Also, are you using selectors? If yes, are you keeping those selectors dynamic?
So, if in the first run, you are clicking on a text area that says “ABCD” and then in the next run the text changes to “PQRS”, the selector should be dynamic.
The selector should say use wildcards (“*”), instead of “ABCD” (hard coded).

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@sumitd Not any workflow specifically.

Three days ago, I redid workflow for UiPath Academy Assignment 2 (Generate Yearly Report - Performer part) for the second time. I have followed - walk through - pdf file. Everything worked fine up to Upload part, which I replaced comment and status section. After simple correction, first parts just broke apart. First, it did not go to work-items. Then, site will go to acme-test/authorized, which shouldn’t happen. Next, after login, logout immediately. I think I did something wrong, I will look up again this weekend.

My second example was gonna be about selectors. You are right about that, I have forgotten to change to (“*”). Thank you for reminding.

Any other tips?

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