Issue with Orchestrator Data loading for multiple users simultaneously

Hi, I am facing the following issue with trial version of on-premise orchestrator.
The Problem here is, If one user accessing the orchestrator, it is working fine.

But if another user connecting to the orchestrator at the same time, The Orchestrator is letting him log in but the data for queues,jobs etc… are not loading at all.

If the working user is closed the browser from his end. only then data loading in other user screen.

I have added the event log for the same. Please someone help me to resolve this.

Hi Rajesh, did you finally figure out a solution to this? I’m having the same problem.


We too are logging this issue.
UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.Exceptions.NotFoundException: Error code - 1002, Message - ‘Robot does not exist.’

It seems related to some of the other Forum Post around “Unable to connect to server”.
Seems there is a known issue in regards to connecting to Orchestrator (Activities - Get Credentials or Get Assets) to where the Robot is losing connection with Orchestrator.
Initial thought from UiPath Support was a timeout issue, so they recommend that you wrap calls in RETRY Activities and/or increase the Timeout Settings on Activities.
Overall, it is like Orchestrator never responds back, but now thinking Orchestrator is not seeing the Robot no longer connected for some reason.