Orchestrator Resources Are Not Accessible From UiPath Studio

How to fix Orchestrator resources are not accessible from UiPath Studio/ Robot ?

Sometimes, the Orchestrator resources are not loaded in the Resources panel of the UiPath Studio. To check if it is a transient connectivity or data loading issue, click the refresh button(s) available in the UiPath Studio, as shown below:


If the above does not help, validate the below steps:

  1. If the Robot is connected to the Orchestrator. The status should be connected (green color).
  2. If the Robot role (or the role granted to the user under which the Studio is accessed) in the Orchestrator is having view access for Queues, Assets.
  3. If the Robot user is added to the Folder from where the resources (Queues, Assets, etc..,) are expected to be loaded and displayed in the UiPath Studio.
  4. If the Robot user is mapped to the Robot role (at both tenant and folder level) by navigating to the Orchestrator tenant -> Users -> Roles -> Robot role -> Manage users -> Change the type dropdown to Robot -> check if the Robot name exists and checked. Attached a screenshot below for reference.

If the issue still persists, share the below details and report an issue by creating a ticket with UiPath Product support:

  1. Event viewer logs from both the server where the UiPath Studio is running and where the Orchestrator is hosted. If Automation cloud (cloud.uipath.com) Orchestrator is used, please share the logs only from the Studio machine.
  2. Studio logs from the machine where the UiPath Studio is running. Default location is
  • %localappdata%\uipath\logs directory