Problem in selecting item

Please help me to select item from drop down which is generating using ul li tag in below screen

@satchauhan edit ur selector with aaname as u required or use select item activity

HI @satchauhan,

Refer this post

Regards, Arivu :slight_smile:

select item activity does not work also i tried create dynamic selector and then use click activity but both are not working. it is a java script pop up, please try in and give me solution


It worked for me with Click activity - Studio 2018.2 - Chrome browser. What Studio version are you using?

I tried to handle it using ‘Select Item’ activity but was not successful in doing that. Yes as you mentioned this seems to be a javascript popup and with the piclist values inside an anchor tag.

Here is an example of the way to handle the exact same New Lead popup using ‘Find Children’ activity.
Salesforce_LeadPopup.xaml (9.4 KB)

@ovi Just curious to know. Did you tried the same picklist field from salesforce lightening.?

Rammohan B.