Problem when selecting an option in dropdown

I’m trying to select the options in the dropdown but cannot select the values, using the Select Item activity or the Type Into activity or Ui Explorer. which resets the search in the dropdown. See image attached.

Hi @suraj23

Is the Firefox or chrome extention enabled

Ashwin S

down key is not an solution in this case because we don’t know which option we have to select, option selection is dynamic.

Chrome Extension is working properly for other fields

Hi @suraj23,

Did you tried changing the UiFramework selection by pressing F4 at the time element identification?

Sasikumar K

Try other browser like: iexplorer
if nothing works: grab text of that element and count how many time you have to hit Arrow down before sending enter

Thanks all,
I got the solution as bellow

  1. Used Find Children Activity for drop down
    you get all details into IEnumerable veriable
  2. Apply For Each loop on IEnumerable list
  3. Inside For Each loop
    Use Get Attribute activity pass item to Element, Store Result into veriable
    IF condition to check value
    Click Activity to select item

For more details please refer, DropDown Item Selection.xaml (12.3 KB)

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