Choose item from drop down?

I need to choose value from drop down, selector is not working, am not able to use click activity, so any other option is there to select the item.
Please give me any other suggestions.
Thank you…

Hello @Vanitha_VS

The best method to choose the item from drop down is to use “Select Item” or “Select Multiple Item” activity.

If still not working then you have to go with Click activities.


Hi @Vanitha_VS

Check out the XAML file


Hi @Vanitha_VS

Try select items if it doe not work

Then try using below

  1. Use a while loop
  2. Inside that use a try catch with click text or click in the try block with the required element
  3. In catch block use a scroll activity

Let the loop run till the item is clicked or for a maximum loop count to stop



Try with modern activities then use application/browser activity inside use Click activity for selecting dropdown button then use typeinto activity write the name as it is in dropdown

It will work


I have created workflow for select value from dropdown, attach window , find children, passing find children variable value in for each activity, using get attribute activity am getting all the dropdown values, but i need to select 3rd value, how to select 3rd value. Could any one help me…

Hi @Vanitha_VS

Inside for each activity use If activity and loop to select the 3 value in the dropdown using Counter

More thing check out the Image

It is working fine. Thank you…

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