Issue with copying files


I have autamomation which is downloading emails attachments and saving in two locations. 1.- network drive and 2-local one(desktop). When robot run automaticly ( starting assistant process with windows sheduler ) its is downloading and saving attachments only to network drive. When i start robot manually from assistant its saving in both locations. Idk what can be issue here :frowning:

Hi @Add_Bddd,

Can you show your code? and are you getting any error.
Also try putting a log message before and after the particular activity to see that the block is executing or not.


Hello @Shikhar_Tandon

The problem is that i dont receive any error. I dont have access now to code, but it`s build in that way: Mail activity->save files in network disc->copy the ones i saved in network disc to desktop->end

And as i said robot copy files to desktop when run manually. Quite weird


Do you have Continue On Error set to True for the copy file activity?

Apologies guys, it is working, but just didnt changed packag number in bat file after generating new one. Quite stupid mistake :sweat_smile: