Save Email and Save Email attachments not working while running the bot with Assistant


New to RPA here and I have an issue when I run the bot package with UIPath Assistant.
Short description of the bot steps: the bot needs to save an unread email to a specific folder and then save from that email the attachments with .xlsm in another folder. Later the saved email will be attached in an application.
If I run the bot within StudioX the steps are performed correct (email and attachments are saved) and no issue appears but when I create the package and move it to Assistant I get error and the email and attachment are not downloaded and will not be attached resulting in error.

Would really appreciate some help.

Are you using outlook activities? is the bot run from a machine which has outlook installed?

Hi, Yes I am using outlook activities and outlook is installed.
When I run the bot in StudioX the email and attachment are downloaded and I have no issue. The issue appears when I publish the bot package in personal workspace and I run it using Assistant.


So one of the first issues that I see is that you are using the project folder as place holder for where you want the files to be saved. Now I have to admit that this could be a bit confusing but when you publish the project the project folder changes , because “Project Folder” translates to “string.Format(”{0}", System.IO.Directory.GetCurrentDirectory())" . As an example take a look at the following picture :

What you can observe ( one run is from Studio and the other is from Assistant ) is that the Project folder changed from C:\Users\dragos.suma\Documents\UiPath\ToBeUploadedWithArguments\testFolder to C:\Users\dragos.suma.nuget\packages\tobeuploadedwitharguments\1.0.4\lib\net45\testFolder

In conclusion you could use a folder structure that is independent of the “Project Folder” , for example My Documents or just a folder on C:\

Hope this helps,

Thank you! made the changes as you suggested and it is working.

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