Copy and paste files

Good day,

I would like to copy and paste files but the robot errors every time after execution.
The files have some GB, could it be because of the size?
Main.xaml (16.9 KB)

may i know the error you were getting
if possible with a screenshot

Cheers @artem1

I don´t get a error from UiPath
My task manager shows: image

Kindly restart your machine and try once running from studio so that we can get to know the error that might occur

The robot itself has no error
It transfers the first file but than it stops working, after that I open the task manager and it shows that the program isn´t responding… so I close it with the task manager and than appears the message image

hmm. did we try with move file activity @artem1

move file has the same problem

i think its because of too many loops been used
may i know what kind of files were moved or copied

They are rar files.