Folder appears in taskbar ,but doesn't Open folder's UI

Hello there, I am working on a project which needs moving and copy files , etc.
The problem is when the automation finish the first task and move to the second which opens a folder it appears in the taskbar as shown in the picture ,but it doesn’t open the UI so the the robot can recognize it , so does anybody know how to avoid this issue.
Thanks in advance

we would recommend to use the activites or api statements instead of ui automations

have a look here:

And also:

What are you trying to do? Opening Windows Explorer and clicking around isn’t a good way to do things. There are activities that let you do things like moving/copying files, etc

Have you taken the free UiPath training on their web site? It covers basics like this.

I already take the courses in UIPath Associate ,but the problem is, it doesn’t show the folder UI , so the robot can interact with it, I know copy and paste activities, but i need to do somthing inside the folder to copy a file from a folder to a clipboard not to specific path but copy it to the clipboard. @ppr @postwick

HI @Hisham_Alshareef

You can try with activate window activity and indicate on the file explorer

Hope this Helps!!


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Then use the Read Text File activity to put it into a variable, then Set to Clipboard.

But why are you trying to get the file data into the clipboard?

The thing is I need to copy a file.rar itself not the text from folder to a clipboard to paste it later in something like virtual machine (WinSCP) this is the VM I use.
Because what I am trying to do is copying a backup file from local server to online server and vise versa.
So there is no path for such thing to use copy file or Read Text to copy a text .

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