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Hi ,
In my one of website it have the following date picker. i used following method(Now.AddDays(-1).toString(“dd-MMM-yyyy”)) to select the date range dynamically. but the problem is once the text box opend it will select the date correctly. once it will click out the date has been changed. Can some one help me on this how to select the from and to date dynamically.
This is the date picker i have.

If you are using click activity, replace that with hot key [Enter]

Hi @Madhavi
When we use hot key how to select the month,date,year. Because there is no separate field for date, month and year single field for date

Can you share the web site link or screenshot of the date picker?

This is my date control screen shot

@vivek_sivam Wont we have an option to type the date there instead of picking up the date?

Is it possible to type in into the control?

@vivek_sivam If you are not able to type there, you need to investigate on the selectors of the datepciker and have to do some R&D there to get this done.

Hi @Sugumar8785
Yes we can type the date. Can you please give some example. But we need to select date dynamically

I have used the type into activity for both from date and to date.

For this you can go with “Get Text” of “Get OCR Text” Activity . And using this you can pick the date

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@vivek_sivam, Have you tried Double Click activity instead of Click? It should solve your problem.

We can type the date. Can you pls give some example to type date dynamically

How the double click should work.

I have encountered the same issue with one of my project,

Enable simulate type in the type into activity.


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