Click Into specific date in Form Date doesnt work on some date

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first time sorry if im wrong choosing the category.

so i have activity click the month,year, and specific date. it work properly till i found the bug.
example :

  1. this the sample from my Form Date (my robot cant click those in red rectangle)
  2. this some value when indicate the date
  • Date 1 on feb 2020
  • Date 19 on feb 2020
  • Date 25 on feb 2020
  • Date 26 on feb 2020
  • Date 29 on feb 2020
  • Date 1 on march 2020
  • My Activity to click specific date

My Question :
my activity cant click specific date which the value from indicate exceed from 30. but from activity should click the front end from the value (date 26) not the id (frmMain:j_id94DayCell31) right? so is something wrong with my activity?

NB :
dtmDateEnd.ToString(“%d”) value : 26


@aliaga Can you Show us the Selector of A Date which is Working and Also the Selector of a Date which is not working.
Also Add All the attributes of a Selector present for it and Show it in a Screenshot

Hi @supermanPunch,

Selector Date are working :
selector Date aren’t working :

for second, correct me if im wrong

@aliaga Can you use Click Activity and Indicate 25 Date and Show the Selector in UiExplorer :sweat_smile:
I wanted the Selector in UiExplorer of 25 Date

Hi @supermanPunch,

here the workflow sample.xaml (38.8 KB)

please check


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Please Help :frowning:


@aliaga Is it possible for us to access the form Date ?
If it’s not possible, then I guess you’ll need to provide Screenshots of the 24th Date Selector in UiExplorer and 28th Date Selector in UiExplorer :sweat_smile:

Hello @supermanPunch,

sorry for late reply. is it that workflow i attach doesnt help?
im sorry but that datetimepicker is inside local internet application on my company,


@aliaga The workflow could not be much helpful as the whole selectors would not be available when we view it UiExplorer, Please Attach Screenshots as Mentioned above