Problem with extratcing structured data using Data scraping

Hello UiPath Community.
I am trying to extract structured data from ‘udemy’ website using data scraping activity, I searched for a specific topic and i am trying to extract the result data (Name, Description, Instructor name, rate, price), however the data scraping activity doesn’t identify selectors correctly which leads to this result:

I tried changing Ui Framework from default to AA but it says this control does not support data extraction.
Could you help me please solving this problem?

Try to indicate element. Then choose that you dont want to get whole data. Then choose correlated element. Next add column and do the same. It could work.

try indicate different field first which you what to extract. Hope will work.

Hi @Mohammad_Kalla ,

As it seems that you are using the Data Scraping Activity/Wizard, you could be able to make related to configurations in the activity and get the data you require by performing the steps mentioned in the post below :

If the above doesn’t help, let us know what exactly is the issue with the extracted data ? Are all the column data not being extracted ?