Extraction of nested data from table in web application

I have Data table in a web page, each row of the data table has nested data table inside it and it has multiple tabs. I want to extract the complete data . Can someone let me know on how to extract this data.
I am attaching files for reference

Anyhelp is appreicated.
Thanks in advance

Hello @shivarajvp555

Is there an option to search with single id and then to do the extraction??

If yes, first you can get the table data using table extraction. Then loop through that datable and search with each id. Then you can extract the required data.


Thanks for the response, i didn’t find the search on the webpage to search the orderId.

@shivarajvp555 If you have no option tp search id then you will scrap data by clicking manually one by one

There is no options or certain steps to follow to extract the data from nested data table using uipath??

@shivarajvp555 you can get by customize way