Issue when running my robot in PIP mode, I can't open edge

Since today, I’ve a problem with 4 robots that I’ve build and worked before perfectly (succesfully tested more than 15 times).

I’m not able to open edge in PIP mode (no edge page is open)
However I’m able to do it with Chrome.

What’s going wrong there with the PIP mode link to Edge?

If I run the robot in Live mode, everything works.

Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.


Have you installed the edge extensions from studio if not could you please install the extension.

and also mention the error what you’re getting while opening it in pip mode.


Thanks for your reply. When I reinstall the Uipath extension for Edge then it works.
However, after each restarted of my laptop, It doesnt work and I’ve to reinstall again the Uipath extension for Edgem and then it works again strange.

I dont want to reinstall the extension after each restart, could you please help?
Do you know which services is linked to this extension? maybe then I can check with my helpdesk department?

Thansk in advance for your prompt reply

your prompt help would be much appreciated.


Could you please set the edge browser as default browser. whenever we restart the system you no need to install the extension! once it get installed.

After restarting your system may i know the error which the edge throwing?



Its already the case. Edge is my defaultweb browser (see below)

After restarting my system and running my automation in PIP mode, I don’t get an error message.
The problem is that I can’t double click on the “Edge” shortcut icon located on my desktop.


and that cause issue at the middle of my automation.

However, strange => when I double click on Chrome shortcut icon, then it works (see below):


Could you please let me know what can cause the issue?


If you’re edge icon moved to another location the robot won’t detect the icon and won’t click on that icon though.

can we pin that edge to taskbar and now start the processing?


instead of clicking the icon can we use open application activity and just indicate the element on edge home page?

This will takes the default file path where the application installed(Exe).

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe"

No need to pin the edge to task bar or no need to double click on the desktop icon. this will start the application even if you’re system restarted or updated.



Yep I already use the open application activity but in the middle of automation I ask the robot to open an ouptut file from our ERP and then it open Edge page and at this moment the automation fail.

but I was able to solve my problem after unclicking both below options under Edge settings.

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