Edge Extension not working in App Mode of Edge

When we open our Edge Browser in App Mode (with parameter --app) the Edge Extension of Uipath show us the following error

This happens since the last update of the edge (Version 96.0.1054.34 )

Any help for us?


For new UiPath edge extension enable the below check boxes in the mange extension section of edge browser and restart your browser and try.

if you are using incognito mode to open applications you must enable the Allow in private checkbox in the UiPath extension in the edge browser.

This does not help if i start the new version of the edge in app mode


I face the same issue in Chrome since the release 96.0.4664.110

Have you find a solution ? Any direction to search ?

We took a bug and currently investigating. Keep you posted!


We have still this problem, any update on this case?

@dirk.hamborg the problem is fixed in UIAutomation 22.4 preview. Please update the package and give it a try.