Issue when invoking a process

Hello, I am invoking a workflow into another and am running into this error

Both of the pathways exist, and the package dependencies also match, why could this be happening?


Are you trying to invoke another project or process from one?

If yea then it shpuld be done through start process or start job not using invoke workflow…

If you still want to invoke using samae…then copy the workflow into the same project folder and then invoke using invoke workflow


I used workflow as it invokes arguments passed between, its a process from another project e.g. im running pathway/files/Invoke.xaml within a robot in pathway/someWhereElse/Main.xaml - can i not do this?


No you cannot do this using invoke workflow file…

It is used to invoke the workflow from the same project…

If its a different project ideally it means it aa separte process so you have to use start job activity

You can use invoke process as well

It should be inside the same project to use invoke workflow


Is there any way I can pass arguments between the two even though they are in two different file locations?


You can write those value to assets and then read them…

or you can write it to a file and read them as needed


As in other robots i can use invoke workflow and call upon a robot in a different file location but in this instance it does not work…

for example

this file is stored in t:\ and i am invoking it into a robot in a drive storing in P:\ and it works?

Is that process from an older version?


Potentially yes, is this a new versioning issue? as i would like to call from a function stored elsewhere so i can reuse it in development opposed to re creating it everytime


Yes …in the new version…calling from another project and variablizing is disabled…

You can copy the xaml or create a library out of this and use it as an activity

Or use start job/invoke process activity to start the other process


Oh… thats unfortunate that theyve stopped this functionality :frowning:

thank you

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