Is there a way to combine 2 projects into a single workflow?

Is there a way to combine 2 projects into a single workflow without using orchestrator?

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Hello @Justine

How do you need to combine the project? Do you need to call any other project from another project locally without using the orchestrator?

For that also you can use the Invoke process activity.


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan , calling the project would suffice as well. How do i use the invoke process to call another project?

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Can you check the below post? I think it should work with

Invoke Process activity



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Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan , i followed the steps and an error popped out stating Invoke Process: Cannot find a process. Does this have to do with my orchestrator?

you can create a batch job as well and use the UiRobot.exe to invoke the files and you can invoke the batch file in your process that is another method.

You can check some other methods in the below post.


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after searching for 2 hours, i realized i don’t have the uipath robot. This is what i have after installing the uipath studio; attaching screenshot.

is there any other easier way? is there a call function (similar to an excel macro)

UiRobot.exe should be there on your machine. Please watch the below video.

Copy/paste the code from one to the other. Don’t make things difficult on yourself, and overcomplicated. If they need to be one project, code them as one project.