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I have 2 workflows, namely A and B. For workflow A, there are subworkflows, namely A1, A2, etc. and they reside at the same project folder as A. Similar structure for workflow B, B1, B2, etc. but reside in another local project folder.

No Orchestrator.

I want to invoke workflow B at the last activity from workflow A.

Method 1:
I tried using “Invoke Workflow File” activity but when workflow B call B1 via another “Invoke Workflow File”. There is an error saying workflow file B1 cannot be found because it is still referring to project folder of workflow A.

Method 2:
I tried using “Invoke Process” but cannot figure out what to fill in for the properties: “Process Name”, “Entry Point Workflow” and “Orchestrator Folder Path”. At runtime, there is an error saying Cannot Find the Process in folder

Anyone please help, thanks.


Hi Mate,

Just copy that B1, B2, B3 files and paste them in your current project folder, and then use them.

Hope it helps,

Best Regards,
Sahil Garg

Thanks Sahil for your reply. Understood this should work but I want to keep these 2 workflows separate.


After further testing, I tried Method 3 as followed:

Use “Start Process” activity to run “UiRobot.exe” with arguments “execute -p ”

This works but it runs the other process asynchronously. I want it to be run synchronously.

I think Method 2 should be what I want! Anyone have working example about how to set the properties(of Invoke Process)?


Finally, I figured it out after some more trial and error.

Properties Settings:
Process Name: should be the name found in UiPath Assistant
Entry Point Workflow: I left it blank. It will assume Main.xaml
Orchestrator Folder Path: I left it bank. It just assumes the other process reside in the same folder as the running one.

The Invoke Process activity works perfectly for me.


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