Issue robot version changing

hello i have some issue when i want to re code our robot and when i deploy and publish uipath send this notification. thank you

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are you publish from Studio CE?

@irahmat no, im publish from studio version 2019.10.4 with enterprise license …

please show me project.config of your project.

project.json u mean ? is it correct ?


yes correct.

as you see your System.activities and UiAutomation version used the latest version of UiPath 20.4.x.

I suggest u to downgrade to equal or less than 2019.10.x

@irahmat is right. You were publishing or editing the project with a newer version of UiPath Studio. You have to either downgrade the packages to the stable enterprise version or upgrade the robot version.

thank you both @irahmat and @MichaelL, I downgrade all the update version related to the project so now it have same version as the production robot… following that question before this case close … about the package in robot, is suppose to auto update if there was a missing package right ? or we must manual update the package (copy from dev/QA env to production env)?


@Mochamad_Fauzan_Adhy robot will always read the dependency packages in the project.json file. So if you remove it, it will generate a new project.json file and only get the default packages. Thus, you will need to make sure it everything runs smoothly with the right packages in the Studio before pushing it to Production.

Hi @MichaelL, thanks for your time, but my issue in production robot (the robot is in the other device), if the robot doesn’t have the package(the package exist in .nupkg file, but not in the robot package folder), will the robot download the package for us automatically ? or we need to move it manually from dev/QA environment to production environment ?

Thanks !


@Mochamad_Fauzan_Adhy Just make sure that you publish the package with the right dependencies to the orchestrator.
As long as it works in the studio, the published package will contain the dependency info for the robot to read and download the necessary package automatically. Hope this helps!

Hi @MichaelL, thanks man, this is a huge help! in my case, I don’t using orchestrator, correct me if i’m wrong, that is mean we must move the package manually?

@Mochamad_Fauzan_Adhy If you are running it directly from the project folder, ensure that the project.json file has the necessary packages will do. Are you using attended bot?

hey there @MichaelL ! Yup I was using attended robot …

@Mochamad_Fauzan_Adhy Then you can run your processes straight from the project folder (shared folder) or simply transfer the whole project folder from the studio machine to the robot machine. There are many ways to do it

what is your issue progress now. does it able to run as normal on your robot now?

if yes, please mark as solution to close this topic.


Hi @irahmat yeah my problemsolve, just want to know more about that stuff tho, anyway thankyou :+1:t2: :grin:

hi @MichaelL thanks for explaining for me, Its more clearer now, I will dig more about this stuff later, for now thats enough, thanks mate! :+1:t2: :grin:

Cheers mate. You may close this topic!(:slight_smile: