Cannot run Community-published project on Enterprise

I have created a UiPath project using UiPath Studio Community Edition and published it to Orchestrator. This runs fine on the robot on the machine with Community Edition, but it does not run on a machine where a robot where the Windows Service version of UiRobot is installed, where it gives a ‘Error detecting project version’ error.

From reading this forum it seems the schema version can be changed in the project.json back to 3.2 from 4.0, but when I re-publish the project in Community edition it is immediately changed back to 4.0.

How can I run a UiPath project built on Community Edition on the Windows Service version of UiRobot?

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Let mi remind about very important thing:

We’re not supporting the run of the project made in newer Studio version on older version.
Sometimes operations on json file can help. But in cases like this I suggest to re-create project on older version.

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In that case UiPath should be trying a lot harder not to have major breaking differences between Community and Enterprise versions of UiPath Studio.

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But I’m not saying about difference between CE and EE. It’s the difference between package’s and app version. For example CE and EE (both in 19.4) will work identically. In your case you had difference between version numbers.

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Please see my post here:

and here:

I hope it gives sufficient explanation of how things work :slight_smile:

The current versions available for download on your website are incompatible with each other. You don’t even give a way to download a version of Community Edition that is compatible with the current, older, version of Enterprise. And even if you did, Community Edition automatically updates itself to the newest version, so you’re back at the same problem again.