Error from Robot Tray

Hello friends,

I upgraded the version of UiPath from the version 2016 to the version 2018.3.3, on the VM in the production environment.
After developing the project on the Studio, where the workflow works well, i published in order to make it visible to the Robot.
I get this message

I get also this message

What can i do?
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Check out your Bot version and Studio version … both are same.

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Whew! from 2016 to 2018? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I think your project.json file is not compatible. I would suggest having Studio create a new one by creating a new project, then copy the new file to your project folder to replace it. -also edit it in notepad for the Main, Name, and Description

And, yes, 2018 needs to be installed on all environments.

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Thank you so much @ClaytonM.
I’ll try and let you know.
Camilla :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @balupad14 :slight_smile:
I’ll have a look and let you know.
Camilla :slight_smile:

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