How to extract table data if a column have dynamic values


I am trying to extract data from below table through I can extract all heading as its a single line, but I cannot extract all value below the header some times the line item of value can be low or more

so how to extract the table dynamically

Thanks in advance.

If you are using the Table Extraction Tool in UiPath Studio it should be able to detect each table or am I wrong to assume that each dropdown is a table in itself? You can also check that by inspecting the website within your browser.

Thanks for the reply

This is an desktop application, so how can I extract this table dynamically.

Could you please try an elaborate or specify how and when the table changes.

So it’s within a desktop application, is there always the same amount of tables you want to extract? Is it always the same tables with different content or is it always new tables with new content inside? What is random/dynamic and what is static?

Here iam getting only first date value for each heading but i need to extract rest of date also.

Is there any chance to edit XML Editor to make it dynamic


Try to indicate the rows leaving the heading and check the same


Actually this method is extracting like Full Text Method also not applicable to dynamic(Cannot select all rows) selection


Then may be each row is not actually identified as a row…may be the structure is not supporting for tables

Try to use find children activity and then construct the table as needed