Issue in send smtp mail message

My process got stuck in send smtp mail message activity. Few days ago it works fine. but now it stuck in send smtp mail message.
how can i solve it?

@arijit1213 ,

Are you getting any error?

hi @sarathi125
No. i am not getting any error

@arijit1213 ,

May be a timeout issue and can be coded for using Retry Scope.

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hi @sarathi125 ,
After restarting my machine and running the same process it results success. but after one day the process got stuck and then also restarting machine solve my issues.
but every time restarts not possible.
And when i debug the process after getting stuck it gives an error that -“send smtp mail message: Timed out while waiting for Mail service to connect.”

can anyone please help me to solve this issue?


In my previous cases it was happened, i updated the mail package and it’s working as excepted.
can you update package version and check it.

hi @vamsiyeluri
should i update mail package to the latest version?

yes, u can update

hi @vamsiyeluri
I try it but the the result is same i.e suck in smtp mail message

hi @loginerror
please help me to solve this issue.

Please help me to solve the smtp issue

Having the same issue on Azure. Firewall seems to be set ok. Another machine in the same net is hovewer ok (sending and receiving emials). Seems like a Azure VM issue. Do you also run it on Azure?

i run it on aws vm.

how did you solve this issue?

@arijit1213 Which SMTP server do you use?
It happened to me with MS server.

I think they are blocking the service for 3th party users eventually.
Restart a MV allows us get new mac address and smtp works again.

I am planning to use AWS SES for send email.

Anybody have ideas?