Get IMAP and Send SMTP emails getting stuck or timing out


I am having numerous processes getting stuck on numerous get/send activities on different laptops and VMs after a recent windows update.

On the Send SMTP Mail Message activity I am getting Operation timeouts when using ports 465 and 587, and port 25 is getting stuck. On the Get IMAP Mail Messages, I am getting a timeout on 143, 993 and 995, and none seem to be getting stuck. The package UiPath.Mail.Activities is currently at version 1.12.3 but I have tried other versions and had the same issue. My UiPath Studio version is 2021.10.4.

This issue has only started occurring in the last day, when a handful of VMs and an attended license laptop had a Windows update.

Has anyone else has this issue or similar recently? Is there anything I can do/try to attempt to resolve this issue?


Fixed my own issue, quitting UiPath Agent and then starting the process from Studio has resolved it

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