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I am using get text activity to fetch some details from a website. Now i want this detail fetched to be dynamic that is if i open the same page for another employee it should fetch the details of that employee. But for me that is not happening it keeps getting me the details of the first employee with which i first created the workflow. I am attaching the screen shots of the selector window and ui explorer, can you tell me what part of my selector is making it static. I saw from different videos and that aaname and other such attribute in selector makes it static but in my case such attributes are there but not selected in the selector, i have been trouble shooting this issue for so long now, i would be very thankful if someone could help me here.

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Hi @shekhawat.arjun1307,

As I can see the selector is fine & can you please try getting the selector for both employee pages once with UiExplorer and post a screenshot which will help us conclude the issue.

If its a public page, let know the page to check.

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Hi @Nithinkrishna it is not a public page but here are the screenshots for both the employee page selectors in ui path and it’s pretty much the same because it always fetches the 669 employee details no matter whichever employees web page i open.

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That’s as expected.

It should work with same selector.

Any specific issue are you facing.

Thanks :slight_smile:

let’s consider 2 employees here 11603669(first) and 11907085(second), now when i open the browser for 2nd employee and use get text to fetch the slist for second employee i still get the slist value for first employee. i have attached a screenshot which shows how at both the instance get text fetches only one value and used a message box to display it.



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Employee page is getting loaded in a new page or the same page itself ?

It is a new page basically i am opening this web page from outlook which has this page’s hyperlink in a mail. So currently there are 2 separate mails which open these 2 separate web pages separate

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Check selectors for both the pages and see which tag is changing.
Try to give both the pages selector images.

Could you please confirm, Are you closing the first employee page when you try to scrape the second.

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No i donot close the first employee page when i open the second one.

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Kindly close and perform for the second one please.

This may help you.

Cheers :+1:

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It works, Thanks a lot. Could you explain a bit why it happened?

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When there are two similar elements on the screen, UiPath picks the first in the tree or the one which is active.

So better to close the other one.

Thats all about it :slight_smile:

Happy automation


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