Issue in saving status in excel

How can I set status in the excel file after mailing to each person? I just need to check whether mail is sent or not. so I just need to put a message of sent or fail in the excel file mean to set status


First tell us, how mail will end up failing, you may have wrong email ids.


You can have a write cell activity after the Send email if Send email activity completes successfully then only it will write the status in the cell of excel sheet.

If you want to be more sure on this you can read the email what you just sent from the Sent Folder of mailbox if your email is there you can set the status in excel as sent else fail. But you must be aware of this that there might be some delay between sending the email and when it reaches sent folder

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yes if i have 500 emails and i have to mail everyone and i jst want to add status whether email is send or not etc. after completion i just want to check my excel how many of them are successful

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Design your excel template with two columns Email & Status, Initial status as pending

  1. use read range activity and get the whole data table for example dt_emailData.
  2. use for each row activity and check status [if(row(“Status”).ToString<>“Done”] then send the mail
  3. use write cell activity with value Done and cell index as “B”+Convert.Tostring(dt_emailData.Indexof(row)+2)

keep the body of for each row activity inside try block of try catch activity.
use write cell activity inside catch block with value Error and cell index as “B”+Convert.Tostring(dt_emailData.Indexof(row)+2)

Hope this solution may help you…

Pathrudu Chintakayala

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