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hello uipath
I need to extract the data from excel after that I get some error if the email id is not correct i get the error so am using try-catch to the normal flow after that I need to update the status column like mail not sent who has email is send properly I need to write in the status mail sent how to do that one can anyone know please let me know its help me

I hope I will get a replay from Uipath family

Chethan P

Hi @copy_writes

Instead of three activity (assign, add data row, write range) in catch section u can use write cell activitiy with cell value changing dynamically.

In the for each row property panel there is index property , create a varaible there let’s say index which stores the row index of each iteration in datatable.

So in try section if the mail is sent properly then u can use use write cell activitiy to update the status with cell as “D”+(index+2). ToString with cell content as “Mail sent”

so in catch section use same write cell activitiy instead of assign, add datatrow , write range activity in catch with cell as same as specified in the above write cell but with different cell content as “Mail Not Sent”

Hope it helps you


Nived N :robot:

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Hello Thanks for your replay I get an error wen am using write cell inside try-catch like this bellow

@Palaniyappan @loginerror @Pablito please help me

Hi @copy_writes

I think it is not the issue with write cell

It is the issue with the send messages activity

So can u show for which email u are getting this error?

Hi @copy_writes,

I guess the error is due to flower brackets ‘{’, in To field of Send message activity.
Please remove the brackets and try.

No, actually it will take like that only array form only

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sure I am using g suite MAIL
Actually, before its working fine only when I use write cell activity in that from that time i get an error and I remove the write cell activity still I get an error in that


Hey, you’re facing this error because of invalid input data,
the first email id is invalid, it has two ‘@’ characters.

you need to check it whether the given email id is valid or not before passing it to send email activity, look for that logic.

And also you’re looping each record (each email id) then no need of array in TO field of send email activity , I guess you can make some modification.


Thanks for your Replay :blush:
I know that is invalid input but the thing I use try-catch activity to handle the error

you need to check it whether the given email id is valid or not before passing it to send email activity, look for that logic

any logic is there for this :point_up_2:

Chethan P

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If i not given that {} it show an error


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Ok understood, actually I compared your activity with Send SMTP Mail Message.

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Still i get same error if i remove the {}

The variable emailID should be 1D array only, did you declare the same?

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Thank you very… much i get the solution and thanks for your valid time i use this bellow activity and thank you also @NIVED_NAMBIAR You both help me a lot


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