Excel write status

I have a excel where we have 50+ column and 50+ rows… And the column header starts in row 4.

My task is to update the status pass or fail in the status column(Status column need to be created)
in the correct particular column.

This excel has many colors and rows before the column starts,

Help me with the logic to write in the correct cell

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Use Read Csv Activity read the Excel File You will get the Output as a Data table.
For each row activity give the data table as Input. inside the for each row activity use add data column activity and give the value .
I dont no is this a better idea but it works.

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If possible can I have a screenshot of the excel file
Cheers @Sweety_Girl

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Hello @Sweety_Girl,

The steps are the following:

  1. Read the excel file by using a read range activity
  2. Use a add column activity to add the status column
  3. Change the table to be an array of data rows (each transaction will be a data row from the array)
  4. After the processing part is over, based on a Boolean variable, you add on the status column Success or Fail.
  5. Additionally, if you encountered a business rule exception, you can have another column where you can put the message from that Business rule exception.