Update Excel Status after Sending Email Update


I wanted to update my Excel record after sending Email in every user that dont have status.
if email successfully send i want to update the status to Active


Here is the structure of my workflow


Hi @Vincent_Nuestro

how u want to update the excel record?


I want to update per user status after bot sending email.
ex: user 1 send email successful → bot updated the record in excel
after the record updated
Bot must proceed to the next row then send email to the next user and updated the status again.

HI @Vincent_Nuestro ,

Please find a sample workflow that hopefully does what you are looking for:

UpdateStatus.zip (10.0 KB)

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hi sir, @Nithin_P Good day,

Can i have the screenshot of the workflow? i cant open the your file sir.

Hi @Vincent_Nuestro,

Ensure that you download the image and then view it this gives you better image resolution.

Hope that Helps !

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I have some project regarding mail after sending mail it will say update mail I get help By @NIVED_NAMBIAR
follow this below screenshoots

you will get op defiantly

Step one read the data from the excel let the variable name is DTOp

then use for each

inside give condition or you can filter use LINQ Code



Hear Index is for each loop inside the for each loop you have to create a variable


Chethan P