Issue in filtering datatable extracted using DataScrapping

Hi There ,

I am facing issue with a filter condition for a Datatable which i have extracted from Acme-Work items(Client Security Hash-Filtering the ‘W15’ and ‘Open’)ExtractDataFromWorkflowTest.xaml (11.9 KB)
. Anyways I am doing all these filtering and scrapping in a separate workflow just to correct and test the workflow , still I am not able to filter.
I have tried all methods using Select func as well as filter Wizard also I checked the version of package UiPath.Excel.Activities and updated it still facing the same error.
Also added I checked the Column name of the DT and after that I tried.

I am attaching the workflow. Please help me with the same.
ExtractDataFromWorkflowTest.xaml (11.9 KB)

In your FilterDataTable activity, use ToString.Trim and not simply Trim

In your ExtractData activity, I have the error in capture below. Default is 300 (if needed)

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