Error in filtering DataTable

When I extract DataTable, it’s extracted successfully because I printed it and checked! But when i applied the filter condition to create the array of DataRows:

And when I checked it( by converting the filtered data row array back to a data table and then printing it), the following error popped up while the assigning activity:

Which means the extracted table couldn’t filter out properly. Can I get help regarding the condition(if I did something wrong there) or else what’s the problem.
Thank You.

Please re-check after data scraping, the extracted data table contains rows?

Filtered_ExtData = ExtractedDataTable.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”)
and here the type is W’I’5 and not W’1’5.

Yup, previously I printed the ExtractedDataTable directly(using the output data table activity), and it printed all the rows.

Your filtering condition is right.

What are you assigning in the second assign activity. (In the second screenshot)

I am doing everything just to check the filtering only, so the first assignment is from extracted DT to filtered array, then that array is assigned back to extracted DT(using .copytoDataTable function on filtered array), after which I’m trying to print it.
But after the second assignment only, it’s throwing an error of empty data rows

You don’t need to assign back.

After filter also, the extracted data table contains all rows.

Filtered data table contains a copy . It will not remove any rows from the original extracted data table.

Karthik Byggari

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okay, I’ll try assigning Filtered_ExtData to a new Data Table to check.

Same problem persisted!
I created a new data table FEDT and I tried to copy the filtered data rows array to FEDT, but:

what is the expression you are using in the assign activity.
Can you please send the expression.

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It got sorted out thanks.
Actually the problem was with the ACME website itself and I had to reset the test data, then it was running.

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