Issue While Filtering DataTable

I want to filter a DataTable obtained from Web Data scraping in acme-test uipath and write the result in an Excel file. I extracted a datatable which I wanted to filtered based on three criteria:
“Status” is ‘Open’;
“Description” is ‘Generate Yearly Report for Vendor’;
“WIID” is “less than 700000”;
With Filter data activity it does not work since it doesn’t convert string to integer (WIID).
I tried to use DataTable.Select() Method with an Assign activity, but it doesn’t work when there are no items filtered. The belowed screenshots highlihìghts what I had
Could someone please give me a hint?

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Can you try filter datatable activities for your issue. @leandre

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try giving like this (“[Status] = ‘Open’ and [Description] = 'Generate Yearly Report ’ and [WIID]< ‘700000’”)

I tried but still have the same issue

can you try giving single conditions ?

check for filter count>0
if filter count is greater then 0 then you give CopyToDataTable

ex :
If(ExtractDataTable.Select(condition).Count>0,ExtractDataTable.Select(condition).CopyToDataTable, New DataTable)

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I tried your solution and it worked, thanks @Debakanta_Mahanta

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@leandre welcome :slight_smile:

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