Issue about filter data table

I was using filter data table activity. After write the data back to excel, i found that there is some extra column name Column1, Column2, Column3 …, does anyone know what’s wrong in my work?

Can you sow what your filter activity looks like for filter and output columns?

Would you please share snap of filter activity?
Also, if you are using Write Range, check if Add Header check box is set to True under Options property for Write Range activity.

Here you are

Also the Output columns :slight_smile:

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Have you used add headers? Which doesn’t contain any header value??

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Nothing wrong with your code. In source Excel file, check if the Columns G,H,I,J have any values or white space.

Or else try deleting all the Remaining columns and run your code.

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Nothing is add or remove in output columns

Do write range of outPB2 without filter and check if you are getting extra columns for this as well.

Hi …
Please follow below tutorial