Filter Wizard - Output of columns

I have a filter Data Table, and it is filtering by column A, which it is doing correctly. However, my issue is that it is saving in the output for a multitude of blank columns to the right of the end of information. I am just needing the information in columns A through column N, so I can write in a particular area so any formulas are not overwritten by these blanks columns being save. Is there a way to keep the current filter in selection mode and then keep that column range.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Quick question: Are those added columns there after the Read Range activity, before the Filter Data Table? It might be coming in like this due to the spreadsheet containing formatting or content.

In the past, I have had to remove all the added columns, which are named “Column-1”,“Column-2”, etc. I can use the criteria that it starts with “Column” and remove those columns.
For example:

For each col In dt1.Columns.Cast(Of DataColumn()).Where(Function(c) c.ColumnName.StartsWith("Column") ).ToArray
    Remove Data Column activity //col

Hopefully, I did that right, cause I did not double check this.


This is assuming you have unique column names and you are not using the auto-generated “Column-1”,“Column-2” etc for each column name.

Additionally, if you post some images of your table or code, this will help in identifying your issue.

It worked… Thanks!

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