Is using UiPath Remote Runtime with RDS RemoteApp possible?


Have anyone used Remote Runtime with RDS RemoteApp (not a standard RDS Session)? Interested in hearing if anyone have done it so we know if it is possible.

I have used Remote Runtime RDS Extension for normal RDS sessions several times, but are now working with a customer running RemoteApps and they want to use the same way to let the Robot work in the RemoteApp window. But it seems we cannot access the elements in the Application running as a RemoteApp. The Remote Runtime is installed and extension registered on both the Robot server and the RDS server (running the Remote App sessions) as I’ve done that has worked multiple times in other environments.

Any help or information is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Br, Daniel

Hi @danielstrid,
From what I see it probably won’t work as RemoteApp can use different way of connection or different ports (hard to say). Our Robots are working with use of standard RDP protocol and remote/terminal session defined by MS.


Thanks for your response, RemoteApp does use the standard RDS protocol and the RemoteApp program is running in a RDS Session. So I would like facts regarding this, not assumptions :slight_smile:

A RemoteApp program is an application installed on an RD Session Host server. Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) and the RD Session Host use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to redirect screen information for just the application instead of the full session-based virtual desktop. If a user runs multiple RemoteApp programs from the same session collection, the RemoteApp programs share the same session on the RD Session Host.

Sorry for misunderstanding. For some reason I was thinking that you are talking about different application for remote connection but I realized that you are talking about application distribution from Server with use of MS Remote Apps. Sorry for that.

Regarding this as you said it might come to some issues with selectors. Standard RDP protocol with use of Remote Runtime can easily communicate with Automation Processes as programmed way of communication is expected. In case of Remote App indeed same protocol is being used but some windows elements are taken from local computer to save traffic and data flow. Additionally some key values are being changed so user can have “his own desktop experience”.