RDP within RDP not working with UIPath Remote Runtime


I am trying to find selectors for elements in an RDP which is within an RDP but no luck in achieving the same with UiPath Remote Runtime. Though I can get selectors for the parent RDP but not an RDP within the parent RDP.
Please note that I have installed UiPathRemoteRuntime.exe on both the RDP’s.
Wanted to know if its possible and if yes then what is that I might be missing?


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Kindly try with COMPUTER VISION activities to access those elements

Cheers @Karrox

Sure I would give that a try but getting selectors of RDP within an RDP is not possible through Remote Runtime?

You cannot get the selectors in the RDP.

We can… through Remote Runtime!!!

I think I have somewhat the same problem.
I am working from home, and I have to automate a process on a server (serverC).
The process will be launched from a VM (vmB), which I can access with VPN through another server (serverA). I cannot access directly serverC, so I am trying to use UiPath on vmB.
Even though the remote runtime is installed on serverC, and I can see that it is running, when I try to indicate on screen an element of serverC, I have nothing. No error message, but also nothing happens, the best I can do is to have a clipping region, which is not what I want.
I have also downgraded the version of UIPath.UiAutomation.Activities to 19.10.1 to be consistent with the version of the runtime installed.
The remote runtime is not installed on the VM nor on serverA, and it will be difficult and very long to have it installed on both.
Is there a solution to my problem, which I don’t actually know if it is due to RDP within RDP ?