How to get the remote desktop's app's data

I have a need to use the local robot to open a remote server program through the remote desktop, and perform some operations in this program;
But I tried for a long time in the past two days, and found that when operating the program through the robot, neither the click nor the click image can get the specified button or the specified control (the data obtained by the selector is incorrect), and whether it is click, Still the click image cannot automatically select the range (for example, the size range of my text input box); although I use F3 to manually specify the range, and then use the UI explorer, but still can not find the specified control when it is executed. What should I do to achieve my goal in this situation? Is there a targeted expansion pack for uipath?

thanks everybody

is ensured that the RDC extensions are installed?

I know that the 2020.4 version of the studio community version has an extension package for remote desktop, but I am not sure that the environment where I purchased the robot license can use this extension package, because the version of the environment where I execute the program is only 2019.10

in this situation I would suggest following:

  • From your studio go to Home > Tools > UiPath Extensions and check for Windows Remote Desktop extensions
  • In case of any doubts on licessing contact the UiPath Sales Team with your Question

when i click ,it will show a message box about successfully installed,and I have copied a program to the computer I want to connect remotely(UiPathRemoteRuntime.exe)。Then how to use them ?

Do I need to start the program in the remotely connected computer (UiPathRemoteRuntime.exe) through the local uipath and open the application method, and then perform other operations

Hi @maxzz

It is possible to automate a machine opened via an RDP connnection using selectors with the above mentioned Extension for Windows RDP.

To get this to work, you will need two things:

  1. Studio installed on the main, root machine
    1a. RDP Extension for that Studio installed via the Studio settings menu (I believe you have already done this part)
  2. A Remote Runtime Installer plugin to be installed on the target RDP machine (I think you will still need to do that bit).

The version of the Remote Runtime Installer on your RDP machine needs to match your Studio version on your main machine.

Thankfully, the installers are available on our Resources page here:
I suppose you would want to select the 2019.10.5 version:

Last remark, as I feel there was some confusion. Upgrading is free, so you can update your Studio/Robot at any point you want with the same license you already have.

Simply follow the guides in our documentation in case of doubts:

ok,thank you

Have you tried using remote desktop tools like logmein, R-HUB remote support servers, Teamviewer etc. in order to get remote desktop`s app data? If not, try it today.