After 2 years does UiPath support UI detection for Remote App?

Same question as above but 2 years later. Just check if this feature is released or if not is there an ETA?

We want to create automation on a remote application but none elements on the remote application window can be detected.

It would depend on the virtualization technology used, but the first question is: is the remote runtime installed server side as documented below?

Yes, I did. It works fine in a remote desktop window but not a remote app window.

This is confusing, our extension is expected to work fine with RemoteApps:

I know why now. We have a remote plugin for our published application to implement drag-drop over the session and for some reason it is conflict with your plugin. I don’t know why though because we are using a dynamic channel and only listen to our specific channel name. We can run multiple instances which communicate over different dynamic channels under the same channel name without interfere with each other. Can you check with your dev team and advice what could be the reason for this conflict?

This does not look like something we can troubleshoot on a forum thread.
I suggest you reach out to our support team to investigate.

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