Run RPA via Remote Desktop App

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I have an Application (A) which is only reachable via the Remote Desktop App.

I want to execute some RPA Steps in A but when I select the Remote Desktop Screen I get the following Error:

UiPathRemoteRunTime.exe is not running in the remote session.

. And I find the following UiPath article: About UiPath Remote Runtime

I tried to automate it anyway but when I trigger the unattended robot via the orchestrator I finally get the next error message:

Cannot bring the target application in foreground because the Windows session is locked.

I assume the second error is related to the first error and the unattended robot cannot access the remote desktop session because it is “locked”. Am I right with my assumption and where can I get he RemoteDesktopClient.msi to install on the Application (A) Server?

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You can get it in studio ->Home->Tools->UiPath Extensions


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Hi @Kevin_Marti

The UiPath Remote Runtime is a component of UiPath that allows you to run automation processes on a remote machine. In order to use the Remote Runtime, you will need to install it on the remote machine and make sure it is running.

  1. To install the UiPath Remote Runtime in your VDI system
  2. After the installation is complete, you will need to make sure that the UiPath Remote Runtime service is running on the remote machine.
  3. check the firewall settings on both machines to make sure that the UiPath Remote Runtime service is not being blocked.


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