Is there still no built in option to publish Orchestrator Folder from Tenant A to Tenant B?

Or am I missing something?

When I build a process for Tenant “development” with for example 5 assets and 2 queues. I will then say ok I will take it live. I have to go to the other tenant manually create everything (folder, assets, queues). It’s tedious and error prone (typos).

Is there still no other way to do this or am I missing something?

Yes I know that there is the orchestrator manager, but this thing is very clunky.
Also I’m aware that there is a pipeline tool for this, but for example for assets you have to manually create a .csv file to do this.

Why isn’t that built into orchestrator / automation cloud?

How are you promoting / copying / whatever your folder from Tenant A to Tenant B?

Also in the docs I found this: Orchestrator - Environments (

But I can’t find environments anywhere in the automation cloud. This is old right?


Hi @ShadowDom

If the Orchestrator Manager doesn’t fulfill your needs, you can develop a custom automation process using UiPath Studio or UiPath StudioX to automate the creation of assets, queues, and other required elements in the target tenant. This approach requires designing and implementing a workflow to read the necessary information (e.g., from a CSV file or Excel) and perform the creation steps programmatically.
Another option is to utilize the UiPath API to interact with the Orchestrator platform programmatically. The UiPath API allows you to create, update, and delete assets, queues, and other entities, providing flexibility for automating the deployment of these components across tenants.



thank you very much for your answer.
I know that this is possible but for me pretty hard to do, and also very risky, creating assets and queues etc. in prod env. via a robot.

It just baffles me that there is no built in solution in orchestrator to comfortable do this. I mean I can’t be the only one that struggles with that common task - dev to prod.