Create a process for other users in Orchestrator

I’m trying to publish a process from UiPath Studio to Orchestrator and make it available for other users. After publishing a process I can see a nuget package uploaded to Tenant. But I cannot find how to create a process for other users based on that package. I even cannot create a process for myself. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Hi @boris.g

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Please create an “Environment” , link your robot to it and then try to Create a process.

Please find the below link , explaining the step by step procedure on creatiing and running the Processes through Orchestrator.

Create and run a Process using Uipath Studio and Orchestrator – Amazus

Hope this helps. Thanks.

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Thanks suraj.setty for your response.
But the documentation seems to be outdated.
Though, I may just be still missing something here.
Which tool is supposed to be used for creating Robots and Environments?
Can it be done on Orchestrator’s web site hosted on premises?
I’m asking because this is what I see in Orchestrator, there’s no option to create a robot:

Hi @boris.g

Yes you can manage robots on Orchestrator’s web site hosted on premises.

Please find the link below on managing robots on Orchestrator.

Managing Robots (

Link to create Environment.

Managing Environments (

As in screenshot, You are in tenant page. Go to your workspace to create an environment linking a robot and then create a process attaching your package. Follow the steps shetty mentioned. Let us know if you got the solution

I cannot find how to create an environment, unfortunately
This is what i see when i go to Tenant:

I don’t see any options to create environments

And this is My Workspace: