Push orchestrator packages from between tenants on same orchestrator

Hi Everyone,
We recently upgraded to 2019.10.14 version of Uipath. We are using two (UAT and PROD) tenants set up on same orchestrator web server.

Requirement/Problem: I am looking forward to find a better way to push packages automatically from UAT to PROD tenant (say overnight or every certain hours).

I know that the feature was being discussed earlier last year and it was moved to idea.
I have gone through Uipath docuementation and observed something on The Deployment Tab.

I am not 100% sure about fields internal fields on following image whether its possible to achieve what I am looking for. Does anyone have idea or experience about how we can achieve this?


You can try CI/CD using Azure Pipelines, here is a post as to how to do it

Publish packages to Orchestrators

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Thanks @Jorge_Rincon. However we can not use Azure pipelines at the moment as it is not yet approved as per our IT policies. I was hoping to find similar solution using Orchestrator, bit bucket.

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