Copy tenant. is that possible?

v2018.4 Orchestrator. I have a tenant for Development. Now the next step is to create and setup the Production tenant after all the successful testing.
Is that possible to copy somehow the Asset and Queue content, so I don’t have to type in one by one all of them?

thanks in advance!
Zsofi[date=2019-10-30 timezone=“Europe/Zurich”] → 2019-11-13T23:00:00Z

Currently we don’t have a way to do this quickly. :disappointed:
Probably the best alternative right now is to create a robot that will copy those things by making calls to the Orchestrator API.

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Hi Mateus,
thank you, I very appreciate your quick answer. I have enough time to do it manually. :rofl: (The number of assets and queues doesn’t justify a robot doing it, what we have currently.)
Maybe a heads up I could contribute for a future feature? :star_struck:


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very interesting feature.I hope it will be in upcoming roadmap.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.