Is there is anyway to fill a data from excel to web database?

I want to fill a data from Excel sheet into a web table which has a lots of blank fields more than 500 and in my excel I have only a few data but I want to fill the whole web table if all the data from my Excel sheet get filled in the web table then it should start filling the same data into the web table again because it should keep filling the data until no blank field is left in the web table. And in the web data table, some of the rows are already filled i have to fill the data only in the row which is blank. So how can I do this?

Hi @Asmit_Anand1,

can you send the screen shot for better understanding.

you can use read range activity to get all the data from the excel sheet (dt) you will get datatable as a output.
use for each row activity inside that use type into activity to update all the fields in the website.

Regards, Arivu :slight_smile:

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I have to fill the data in a “Sales Rap Assigned column”.And this table is huge and i have to fill all the blank field in that column.

Hi @Asmit_Anand1,

Use For each row

use type into activity and update the data .
and use send hot key to come down to next line.

Thanks u so much and what if the field is not blank ?

HI @Asmit_Anand1,

So before use type into activity use get text activity to get the data and proceed.
Any way based on some condition only you are going to update the field right?

No i am not using any condition, i thought i will do this using web recording but there was a problem because i was not able to fill the data in all the blank field ,it will fill the data into the same blank field because i have to select a particular field in which i want to fill the data using web recorder