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I read a DataTable from Excel


I want to insert rows from an Excel table into a web page, more precisely a web table.
I saw on the web how “Fill data from EXCEL on WEB FORM”.

But how to fill a web table ?

Thanks in advance

Just use type into and use the selector you are showing. If you dont want to make multiple type into, you can actually use 1 type into activity based on your screenshot selectors. In your strict selector line 2, remove the tablerow parameter or assign it to *. and the id parameter you can assign to a variable.
Put counter inside your for loop that would increment the id. For example:
intCounter = 2

inside the loop:
strID = “FilterRuleDialog_INPUT_” & intCounter.ToString & “1”
—type into activity here—
intCounter = intCounter + 1

That way, your id for first pass would be FilterRuleDialog_INPUT_21
secondpass FilterRuleDialog_INPUT_31
thirdpass FilterRuleDialog_INPUT_41


you pass the tablerow as dynamic by taking the count of the first row based on that you can increment and pass that variable to tablerow.

With your directions, I studied the table.
Between each record of the table there is the TableRow which gains 33.
So I created a numeric variable which starts from 1 and takes 33 per record.

Thanks a lot

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